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Heal Your Body



Working with Katie has taken the guesswork out of meal planning and has overall improved my nutrition and eating habits.  I love her simple no-nonsense approach, easy to follow plans, and that she provides alternatives and swaps when necessary.  I decided to try a month alone and quickly missed Katie's insight so much that I'm back on board with her group nutrition coaching.


Working with Katie has been quite the experience.  She has re-taught me how to love the food that I am eating and that I do have the ability to make healthier choices and not feel hungry or dissatisfied with my meals.  The best part is that I feel energized and ready for anything as I work towards a better version of ME!


Working with Katie on better nutrition has never once felt like a "diet" with massive restrictions.  It has been filled with amazing foods that have delicious flavors.  She has taught me that certain foods aren't "off limits" but how to pay attention to how foods make me FEEL.  It's a mindset change and that has made all the difference for me.

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